About Us

Natural Health Products was founded in 1979 by Geino F. Suriel and Iris G. Suriel.  The New York based organization produced a wide array of products that were aimed at improving the lives of their clientele by offering natural remedies, supplements and vitamins. 

One of their products, a tablet that helped consumers stay awake and alert, became especially famous among college students upon its release in 1990.  The tablets became an extremely popular study aid, and it was found that they helped students maintain a high degree of mental performance, even after a night of drinking. 

Noting the reputation of the product, and the tendency for alcohol consumption amongst the students who purchased it, the team at Natural Health Products worked to create a hangover cure based on the widely-used study aid tablets.  After modifying and refining the formula, the product was tested for three years prior to its release to ensure that the hangover cure was potent and effective. 

After three years of rigorous testing, La Rapidita was released to the public and became immensely popular, particularly in the Hispanic community.  The product is now sold in The United States of America, The Dominican Republic, and throughout the Caribbean Islands, Central America and Europe.  Since its release, La Rapidita has been hailed as a tried-and-true solution for hangover symptoms, even garnering the attention of the New York Times and other online publications. 

Buy La Rapidita today to experience your best day…after your best night!